To access the old Barbie website, go to Some links work and go to their old places, while others, such as the Fashionista Photo Shoot Game go to this page on the new site. I was really stoked for the new website, but after exploring it, I realised the old one was much better and sooooo much content was missing.

So here -enjoy the old one before it gets deleted, which I assume it eventually will. :( Let's hope they bring some of it over to the new one, but this is unlikely, as a lot of it is pretty old. Also you can go to and see if you can find stuff that's missing.

If you're looking for the old Barbiegirls games, the link from Barbiegirls does not work, but last time I checked, you can still go to where they have the Jammin' Hampster game and has the fashion store one, with the tubes in the circle... Yeah, I forgot the name. That shopping one, that was really fun but took hours to finish one game.