I Can Be a Ballerina

Storybook cover

Sophie is a character in Barbie: I Can Be... A Ballerina storybook.

Personallity and apperanceEdit

Sophie is shown to be kind and generous, but also has a sense of humour. She loves her cheeky dog, Mimi. She has pale skin with dark black hair. Sophie is French and lives in Paris. She does ballet and is very talented.


When Miss Kindsey's ballet class go on a trip to Paris, Sophie invites Barbie and Teresa to stay at her apartment. Barbie describes her as 'a pretty French girl.' Sophie, Teresa and Barbie soon form a friendship over their love of dancing. Barbie teaches her modern dance and Sophie teaches them about French food and habits. They work together to save the ballet performance. When it is time for them to go back to California, Barbie and Sophie exchange email addresses.