The Malibu Mall is a fictional located in Malibu, California. It is located next to the campgroups and Zuma beach. Malibu Mall is where Barbie and her friends go to eat, shop and watch entertainment.


  • Accessories Shop
  • Hat Shop
  • Sunglasses Shop
  • Beachwear Shop
  • Pretzel Kiosk
  • Mall Square
  • Trained Dolphins Show Pool
  • The Barbie Boutique
  • The Raquelle Boutique
  • The Restraunt
  • Florist
  • Card Shop
  • Bench
  • Chocolate Shop
  • Raquelle's Lemon Stand
  • Sports Mart
  • The Racket Shop
  • Athlete's Barn
  • Acletserage
  • Rock Climbing
  • Supplement Shop
  • Parquor (not really a place, this is a sport, described by Millicent Rawlins as 'French Obstacle Jumping' which involves jumping over obstacles at high speed in urban areas.)


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