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Chelsea Kelly Roberts is Barbara Millicent Roberts's youngest sister. Kelly was introdcued in 1995 while Chelsea was introduced in 2010. She is very girlish.

Chelsea or Kelly?Edit

It is unknown whether Kelly was discontinued and replaced with Chelsea or Kelly simply changed her name to Chelsea. In Everything Barbie Wiki, Kelly is her middle name (This is unofficial) and whenever Barbie says 'Kelly,' she is refering to 'Chelsea. She is constantly confused, leading her sister Barbie to tell her stories that make up the movie. 

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Chelsea is six years old, has fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair a little lighter than Barbie's. She has had many birthday parties, including princess themed, unicorn themed and the one in the Life in the Dreamhouse episode, Happy Birthday Chelsea.

Chelsea is a typical adorable, confident young girl with a talent for singing, dancing, acting and performing in general. She dislikes change and wants to be like Barbie when she is older. She taught herself to ride a bike, with a little help from Skipper, Stacie and Barbie. Chelsea is a fan of all things pink and glittery.

Her favoruite color is pink and her favourite gem is a diamond. She was a member of the Kelly Dream Club. Chelsea also dances ballet.



  • Tamika
  • Madison
  • Tommy
  • Kira
  • Delia
  • Keeya
  • Niki
  • Rachel
  • Teresa


  • Slipper (bunny)
  • Taffy (dog)
  • Blissa (cat)
  • Tawnny (horse)


  • Can we, Barbie? Can we?
  • I hope I brought enough glitter...
  • A tennis-playing robot!
  • Have you seen my pink sparkly coat?
  • Let's try it again. Together.


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